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Oregon Water Wonderland (oww2) Marina Provides Deschutes River Access

Located 6 miles south of Sunriver Resort, the community of Oregon Water Wonderland aka OWWII has Deschutes River access for their owners. The marina is equipped with a boat ramp, dock, small beach area and a paved parking lot.  The facilities are for owners only who must display a parking pass or stand the risk of having their vehicle towed.  If you are considering a home in Central Oregon and would like to have access to the Deschutes River you may want to consider OWWII which gives you deeded access.   Whether it be that you enjoy fishing, have a Kayak, canoe, or just like the peacefulness of floating the river on a raft or tube, buying a home in OWW gives you access to the marina which ultimately allows you river access.  Many people who have floated the Deschutes between the OWWII marina and Harper’s bridge have viewed along the way Deer, Elk, Bald eagles, hawks, muskrats, river otter, ducks, geese and other game. Located just off Swan on Swan Court the marina at OWWII, pay it a visit, if you are not the river type who knows, having access to a marina may inspire you to become an expert river wanderer.

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Upper Deschutes River Coalition Asking For Charitable Donations

Upper Deschutes River - Between Benham Falls Take out and Benham Falls Parking Area
Upper Deschutes River – Between Benham Falls Take out and Benham Falls Parking Area

Funds for the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Redband Trout radio tracking program are low… Already funded for the 2014 season, the UDRC is asking for donations for 2015 & 2016. To learn more about the Upper Deschutes River Coalition and the Redband Trout radio tracking program visit

Donations are accepted via the coalition website, click hear to visit the UDRC donation page.

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